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The Poison Garden Eau De Parfum Collection

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As you pass through the twisting and ornate iron gates, and find yourself in a beautiful, and abundant garden only to realize every plant you see is poisonous, and quite deadly. Look around and inhale the fragrant air, but don't touch - It may be the last thing you ever do.

Eau De Parfum is a higher concentration of fragrance oils which creates a longer lasting scent than a cologne or body spray. For best results, layer your scented body products (soap fluff/scrub, body oil, fragrance), spritz directly on your skin, target your pulse points (collar bone, behind the ear, wrists), do not rub parfum in as it will cause the scent to degrade quicker. 

1 oz.

🖤 Vegan and Phthalate free. 

🖤 All products are handmade, in small batches, by me (Babs!) Small variations between batches is to be expected. 

Ingredients: Alcohol, fragrance (parfum)