About Moxie and Babs

Babs + Pink House

My name is Babs. I live in a Pink House, and I love to create handmade bath and body products!
As a child, I was allergic to everything. Bath time consisted of Ivory soap. My Dad would carve the bars into animal shapes in an attempt to uplift my spirits and to help me feel better about the fact I couldn't use anything fun like Mr. Bubble. 
I still have very sensitive skin, so I started making my own products because I can control everything that goes into them. I don't have to worry about breaking into hives, and I can still have cute, fun, and great smelling products. 
Eventually I started getting so many requests for my bath bombs and bath products, that it just made sense to start my own business.  

So who's Moxie?
Moxie was my sweet little white Pomeranian who got me through some of the darkest, and most difficult times in my life.
He taught me the true meaning of Moxie: "The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage."
He was less than ten pounds, and yet he had no fear. He had endless energy, boundless enthusiasm, and nothing stopped him or slowed him down. 
Starting your own business is scary and overwhelming, and while it isn't always easy, I try to bring as much Moxie to every one of my days as I possibly can. 

Moxie and Babs
Waffle Bath Bomb

Bath Bombs

I craft Bath bombs that are a surprise and delight to the eyes, that smell amazing, and elevate the bath into an delightful sensory experience from start to finish. They are works of art that exist for a moment, transform, and then disappear down the drain when the water gets too cold.

I heart the Earth


The environmental impact of everything I make is always at the forefront of my mind. From the raw ingredients I choose, to my manufacturing practices, to packaging, and shipping, I am always striving to make the most sustainable choices available to me. 


Handcrafted in Small Batches

I'm not interested in being a bath product assembly line.
My goal is to create high-quality, artisan bath and body products. I use only the best ingredients. I take my time. And while that may mean my store isn't packed to the brim with products, it does mean those products are freshly made with the utmost care.