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Shower Steamers Gin and Cypress

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Turn your shower routine into your own revitalizing spa experience with shower steamers. Each package contains four, 2oz each, steamers in a resealable bag (please note that steamers are now square instead of the pictured round scoops).

Gin and Cypress is a fresh, outdoorsy scent with a combination of juniper, balsam, oak, cedar, and cypress.

Directions: Activate one steamer by getting it wet, and place on shower floor. Move the steamer closer or further from the stream of water to adjust the strength and duration to your liking.

🖤 Vegan and Phthalate free.

🖤 All products are handmade, in small batches, by me (Babs!). No two are going to be alike: variations between individual items, and batches is to be expected.

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), citric acid, zea mays (corn starch), menthol crystals (menthol), potassium bitartrate (cream of tartar), parfum (fragrance), polysorbate 80, mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, FD&C blue1, FD&C yellow5, magnesium myristate

For best results, use within 6 months of purchase.